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MetalGanado reviews E.V.O.: The Search for Eden (SNES)

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MetalGanado said...

Really good cult classic on the SNES. The game is a 2d platformer with emphasis on leveling up and evolving your creature, which has a different base in all but the last portion of the game, (Fish, amphibian, dinosaur, and mammal respectively). Most stages are pathetically easy, so this game's difficulty lies in its brutal bosses, and it will usually take a lot of grinding to get your creature up to par for these guys. Unfortunately, this difficulty is often the result of the game's poor hit detection and the lack of invincibility after attacks. This makes the difficulty seem like a mistake and thus makes your losses ever more frustrating. Musically the game starts off well, but in the dino age, the worst piece on the soundtrack makes its debut... and rarely leaves afterwards. Despite the flaws however, this is a very niche installment to the SNES platformer library and one of the best platformers outside of the big name classics. Highly recommended if you want a new old-school platformer that will offer a good level of difficulty and innovation. (not owned, completed. Accurate score is 7.5)

Game Traits applied to E.V.O.: The Search for Eden (SNES) by MetalGanado

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
    Ever-changing creature
  • Playing Against:
    Other creatures
  • How it's Played:
    character customization, 2D Side Scroller
  • General Tone:
E.V.O.: The Search for Eden

E.V.O.: The Search for Eden (SNES)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D Action RPG
Release Date:
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