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MetalGanado reviews F-Zero GX (GC)

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MetalGanado said...

Incredibly thrilling! This game reaches a substantial level of intensity with its mind-blowing speeds and dangerous tracks (You'll die a lot). Topping the gameplay off is an incredible and huge cast of playable characters all with in-depth bios, and their own machine and theme song. The courses are amazing in both appearance and design and most of them still give me trouble on the higher difficulties (After years of playing). Highly recommended obviously, but with a special emphasis on racing game skeptics, who need one that impresses them. This one should do the trick! (collection status: owned. completion status: beaten, though I only managed to unlock a few of the AX racers. accurate rating: 9.00)

Game Traits applied to F-Zero GX (GC) by MetalGanado

  • The Setting:
    Futuristic space
  • Playing As:
    Tons of characters
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    Hi-speed racing
  • General Tone:
    Fast-paced, challenging, futuristic
F-Zero GX

F-Zero GX (GC)

Genre/Style: Racing/Futuristic Racing
Release Date: 25/AUG/03
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