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MetalGanado reviews One Piece: Grand Adventure (PS2)

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MetalGanado said...

The best (and funniest) anime game I've played along with Tenkaichi 3. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the Grand Battle series though with bigger movelist. The cast has everyone from the American Grand Battle plus a few Enel arc and miscellaneous character additions. The same stages return with new ones in a similar manner, all with day and night versions selectable. The story mode is NOT like Wind Waker unfortunately (Wikipedia says it is) but is long and very efficient. (It's a bit like Soul Calibur II's story mode) The 4Kids dubbing is what makes this game hilarious of course, especially due to the wacky and fast paced nature of the game engine itself. Certain characters are simply guaranteed to set up an unbearably funny fight and the way they can actually be bad-ass (with their great movelists and visual animations) at the same time is a huge part of what makes this game so enduring. (Much like Smash Bros. Melee actually!) Check this out for a lengthy, well-designed, and hugely entertaining fighter, and especially so if you love One Piece and can find humor in the 4Kids dub. (Owned and completed, accurate score is 8.75)

Game Traits applied to One Piece: Grand Adventure (PS2) by MetalGanado

  • The Setting:
    One Piece Universe
  • Playing As:
    crocodile, Zoro
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    3D Fighting
  • General Tone:
One Piece: Grand Adventure

One Piece: Grand Adventure (PS2)

Genre/Style: Fighting/3D Fighting
Release Date: 29/AUG/06
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