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MetalGanado reviews Samurai Shodown V (XBOX)

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MetalGanado said...

An atmospheric and thoroughly intense 2D fighter, taking place in late 18th century Japan and with distinct and diverse anime-influenced characters. This has always stood as one of my all-time favorite fighters for these said facts and for its completely unique fighting style that favors strategy and timing and makes button-mashing a recipe for disaster. I've always found this to be a game which builds its intensity the most when there isn't action, as that's always the time when a single wrong move can easily ruin your chance for victory. This really stands well for the samurai theme (even though most characters aren't actually samurai) and establishes it as one of the most intelligent fighters out there. As previously mentioned, the characters are diverse as well, and expect a bit of everything in the mythology and culture of the period (Onis and Kabuki dancers included). The diverse and interesting cast actually compelled me to beat arcade with every single character, something no other game of the style has gotten me to do. Despite its limited selection of gameplay modes (pretty much arcade and vs.), this is a fantastic game, and hugely recommended as one of the most interesting fighters out there. (owned and completed, accurate score is 8.75)

Game Traits applied to Samurai Shodown V (XBOX) by MetalGanado

  • The Setting:
    Feudal Japan
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    Strategic 2D fighting
  • General Tone:
    Anime, intense
Samurai Shodown V

Samurai Shodown V (XBOX)

Genre/Style: Fighting/2D Fighting
Release Date: 17/JAN/06
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